Pledge to Save Africa's Rhinos From Extinction

In 2015, a record 1,338 rhinos were killed in Sub Saharan Africa by poachers believed to be part of criminal syndicates. The reason? A growing demand for rhino horn in Asian countries, mainly Vietnam and China.  All rhinos throughout Sub Saharan Africa are risk. Rhino horn poached illegally sells at a price that rivals gold.
Rhino horn is keratin--the same substance as our fingernails—and has no medical benefits, but many people mistakenly believe it treats a wide range of conditions, from cancer to hangovers.  World attention is putting a spotlight on the problem, but we need to do more if we are to save the rhino from extinction.

What You Can Do:

Take the pledge below.

I pledge to help ensure the world understands that the only place a rhino horn belongs is on a rhino and raise awareness about the plight of Africa's rhinos to friends and family.

The African rhino population has been decimated by ruthless criminal syndicates that are killing rhinos to supply Asian markets in violation of international law. If we don't act now we could see their extinction in the very near future.

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